On the Whiskey Summit Trail . . .

Howell F. Wright, Author

Howell F. Wright, Author

In this blog, we’ll explore the fascinating traditions, distilling methods, varietal complexities, cocktails and culinary pairings that enrich our enjoyment of fine whiskeys and other distilled spirits.  We’ll frequently focus on craft spirits from the Rocky Mountain region—our home turf—but not to the exclusion of the larger American and international distilled spirits playground!

I hope you’ll comment* on the postings to share your experiences and questions so that together we can savor the distiller's art.  Follow us here or on Facebook and Twitter.

Many thanks to my wife, J’Ann, who in editing the blog also publishes it to the website and further distributes posts, for your convenience, via email and to our social media platforms.

--Howell F.  Wright, Ed.D., Col. USMC (Ret.), Whisky Ambassador


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