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Great Selection and Location

A 2017 Whiskey Summit Sponsor

in Estes Park

The Peak-to-Peak Taxi Service in Estes Park is ready to ferry you safely to and from the Tasting Festival.  This is a fine option for completely enjoying your exploration of numerous distilled spirits, knowing you will be safely conveyed back to you hotel or residence!  Call 970-586-6111




Plentiful free on-site parking at the Events Complex!


Traveling FROM Denver

Take Interstate 25 north to U.S. 36 and then west to Boulder.  Continue north on U.S. 36 through Lyons to Estes Park.


Traveling from Fort Collins

Take College Avenue (U.S. 287) south to U.S. 34 (Eisenhower Boulevard) and then west to Estes Park.


Traveling from Boulder

From downtown, take Broadway north to U.S. 36 and continue north through Lyons on U.S. 36 to Estes Park.

If arriving in Boulder traveling west via U.S. 36, continue on U.S. 36 (28th Street through Boulder) to Lyons and then Estes Park.