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Closing Session: Marketing and the Brand Ambassador

This session addresses the ground game for your company's distribution strategy (see morning Distribution session).  Panelists will highlight challenges and some favored practices for your work with independent liquor stores, bars, restaurants, and distribution companies.  How to promote your business status in the community and support your tasting room will be explored.  Social media and other marketing tools also will be discussed in relation to the product ambassador.  Round-table participation will be stressed.

  • Sébastien Gavillet, Chief Operating Officer, Le Nez du Whisky; Co-Founder and Head of Spirit Creation, NOCO Distillery.
  • Billie Keithley, Liquid Chef, Breckenridge Distillery
  • McShan Walker, Marketing and Brand Ambassador, Elkins Distillery
  • Buz Dabkowski, Colorado Market Manager, Blue Ridge Spirits