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Science and Innovations in Spirits Production and Aging

The speakers will present scientific analysis and technical tools in production of distilled spirits and then engage the audience in Q&A discussions.

  • Barrel Science and New Approaches to Product Aging
    • Joe Elkins, Owner and Head Distiller, Elkins Distillery
      Joe will review barrel science and new approaches to product aging.
  • New Tools and Current Challenges for Craft Distillers

    • Gary Spedding, Managing Owner, Biochemist and Analytical Chemist and Sensory Specialist, Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services
      Gary will discuss current technology and management of key issues for craft distillers regarding alcohol content, proofing and measurements; haze and precipitates; and sensory qualities and judging. 

  • Chemical Analysis, Process Interpretation and Graphical Profiles for Distilled Spirits--Their Uses for Craft Spirits Producers
    • Chris Rithner, Director/Senior Research Scientist, Central Instrumentation Facility, Colorado State University
    • Sébastien Gavillet, Chief Operating Officer, Le Nez du Whisky; Co-Founder and Head of Spirit Creation, NOCO Distillery.
      Chris will summarize their joint enterprise for analyzing--and graphically interpreting–the chemical profiles of individual distilled spirits and the uses of comprehensive chemical profiles for craft spirits producers.


Earlier Event: October 7
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