Master Chef Victor Matthews--America's (and perhaps the world's) only quadruple World Master Chef, Master Distiller, Master Bourbon/Whiskey Sommelier, and certified Dining Room Master from the FDRP, as well as experienced French Quarter Bartender--will be available to work personally with you.  Bring in your bottle and the two of you will taste together and develop tasting notes and advice on food pairings and possible cocktail ideas. 

Master Chef Matthews checks your product straight, with water and with ice to see the reaction of the spirit.  He will have citrus, as well as olives and pickles to check reaction to acid as well as chocolate, cheese, and other bar condiments. You will work together to reveal things about your product that may surprise you! 


The event will begin at 10:00 am and end at 3:00 pm.  Each session will last approximately 20 minutes in a quiet, private setting, so you can work directly with Chef Matthews.   Tastings will be restricted to two products per distillery.

The program is expected to be very popular with a limited number of sessions, so sign up in advance. Send an email to Howell Wright at  Include your best contact phone number and Howell will call you back to schedule your session, in the order he receives the emails. He also will record the products you wish Chef Matthews to nose.  

We welcome Master Chef Matthews to the Whiskey Summit faculty.  We know he will provide you with professional advice that would cost you a great deal anyplace else.  Sign up today.  It’s free and first come, first serve.