Exhibitors at the first annual Distilled Spirits Industry Conference & Expo at the Whiskey Summit provide distilled spirits producers a rich opportunity to discuss their business needs, explore new services, and assess current practices, whether for process supply of grains, malts, yeasts and other botanicals; barrel quality and barrel alternatives; analytical techniques and services; packaging and branding; management systems; or legal and financial services.

Management: Business and Legal Services

Moye White

Moye White represents domestic and international clients in all aspects of the food and beverage industry. Their attorneys provide comprehensive counsel in order to obtain the best possible outcome for clients—on time and within budget. They use a team-oriented, collaborative approach to meet the needs of individuals, family-owned businesses, public companies and international conglomerates.


Process Supplies: Grains, Malts, Other Ingredients 

BSG Distilling

BSG is focused on supplying craft distillers with the best ingredients from around the world. With distilling malts and grains from Rahr Malting Co., Weyermann®, Simpsons, Crisp and Malting Company of Ireland, as well as a full range of yeasts, yeast nutrients, enzymes, botanicals, and finishing products, BSG Distilling has a wide range of distilling ingredients to create high quality, artisanal spirits.  BSG Distilling also supplies cleaning and sanitation supplies, processing aids, and R&D equipment.


Oak BArrels and BArrel Alternatives

Seguin Moreau USA

Seguin Moreau continues to build on nearly two centuries of tradition and more than three decades of pioneering research, consistently delivering top-quality oak barrels, with a commitment to sustainability—from forest management to cooperage practices. In 2010, the cooperage introduced CarbonNeutral barrels, reducing the process’s carbon emissions to net zero..

Aging in the barrel is a key step in the production of great wines and spirits. It is an essential transforming element. The exchange between the outside air, the barrel, and the spirit allows for a rounding and development of aromatics and flavors.


Management: FAcility design and construction 

Dalkita Architecture and Construction

Dalkita is a full service architecture and construction company providing coordinated services with professionals in engineering, construction and real estate throughout the United States. They specialize in the craft distillery industry, where they design and build distilled spirits plants (DSP).



Management: Software Systems

Whiskey Systems

Whiskey Systems Online provides a complete distillery management, production tracking, and TTB reporting system tailored to the unique needs of American craft distillers that has been proven through 10 years of outstanding service.


Process Supplies: Grain

Bow and Arrow Brand | Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Farm & Ranch Enterprises

Since 1962, the Ute Mountain Tribe has produced award winning non-GMO corn on the tribe’s 7,700 acre farm at the base of the legendary Sleeping Ute Mountain, between Four Corners Monument and Mesa Verde National Park.  All the Bow & Arrow corn is grown, harvested and packaged on the farm using state-of-the art sustainability practices. 


Analytics: Chemical Profiles & innovation

Discover64 and CSU Central Instrumentation Facility

Discover64 offers in-depth analytics and research for producers, consumers and retailers in the distilled spirits and brewing industries.  They focus on data solutions that drive product quality, innovation and consistency.  For all consumable markets they offer cutting-edge analytical services, tailored solutions, data-driven research, and in-depth product insight.

They are currently working with the CSU Central Instrumentation Facility to build a distilled spirits database of chemical profiles with 3D graphical analyses.


Oak BArrels



The oak barrel is the distiller’s silent partner. Over time it singularly influences the spirit’s flavor. The quality of the barrel’s wood and crafting impacts the distiller’s ability to nuance the flavor to fit their vision.

Spirit by Canton Barrels provide distillers with impeccable quality and innovative oak, char and toast options. Each and every barrel stave is carefully evaluated and selected for straightness and grain and then open air-seasoned to maturity.  Investment in technology enhances the precision of the cooper’s skill at transforming the wood into a barrel worthy of your spirit.


Bottles and Packaging

Global Package


Global Package designs and supplies custom shippers, glass decoration, pewter labels, and closures for the wine and spirits industries. Its talented and experienced team is dedicated to creating custom and specialty bottles and packaging that distinguish and sell the brands of their customers. Their team will work with customers to develop comprehensive packaging solutions that set a brand apart. They hold to a professional standard that projects when delivered meet the specific requirements of each of their customers.


process supplies: grains and malts

Root Shoot Malting

Root Shoot Malting specializes in the highest quality of local grain and craft malt available to the brewing and distilling industries. They control the entire malting process from seed variety and growth, to harvest and final kilning, giving Colorado breweries and distilleries the ability to procure local, consistent and high-quality craft products.

As 5th generation farmers in Loveland, Colorado, they respect the heritage of the region’s agriculture.  They combine lessons in farming from their forebears with today’s most innovative agricultural equipment, while making the least impact on the earth to keep the land healthy for the next generation of Root Shoot farmers.


Squarrel Square Barrels

Squarrel logo stacked 300-transp.png

Squarrel square barrels use one-third the wood of of a traditional barrel, which is the exact amount of wood a barrel actually needs. From the reusable square steel frames that maximize space and minimize waste, to the customizable design that allows for nearly infinite flavor profiles, to innovative wood staves that age 8x faster, each aspect of the Squarrel exists to benefit your booze.
Starting with the finest quality woods and using advanced wood handling methods, Squarrel designed its square barrels to give spirits producers the opportunity to be adventurous, to experiment and explore, to try something wild, and to dial into the exactly right flavor profiles. 


Process Supplies: Malts

Troubadour Maltings

Troubadour's mission is to enable local brewers and distillers to be true artisans by delivering high-quality custom malts from Colorado grown grains.  
Based in Fort Collins in Northern Colorado, they are working to build bridges between producers and crafts people, and to create access for both parties to new and exciting materials and opportunities. 

Through building relationships with the growers of grains from the fields surrounding Fort Collins and throughout Colorado, and in taking a craft approach to the malting process, Troubadour produces unique and incredibly flavorful malts that can inspire the wildest imaginations of the brewers and distillers of craft beers and spirits. 

Analytics: Quality Control

Beyers Analytical Brewing Sciences

The country is booming with thousands of independent breweries, distilleries, roasters, and other craft producers. While the top producers often set themselves apart through rigorous quality control programs, the high costs of required diagnostic equipment and expertise for in-house programs can deter craft producers. 

Beyers Analytical Brewing Sciences, however, provides craft producers with innovative quality control at an affordable price. No matter what the production technology, there are key analytical parameters that can be monitored for process control and help  guarantee quality.  Beyers Analytical uses AOAC- and TTB-approved methods to measure alcohol content and other parameters in distilled spirits. Additionally, they have access to gas chromatography and mass spectro-metry equipment, if that instrumentation is required. 

Process Supplies: Malts and Grains

Briess Malt & Ingredients Company


Quality from grower to producer--Briess offers a full line of malt and raw grains in whole kernel, preground and flour. Briess malt extracts and pre-gelatinized grains can help you save time and money. And they're all made in the U.S.A. to help you maintain the authentic integrity of your American whiskey and spirits.

Family owned since 1876, Briess is vertically integrated, sourcing gold-standard barley from premium U.S. barley growing regions.  The only North American malting company producing malt extract from its own barley, it supports customs with TQM systems, multiple processing capabilities, and superior technical staff, including top U.S. scientists, professional brewers and sensory experts.




Le Nez du Whisky

Train your sense of smell and become a better whisky taster with Le Nez du Whisky -- the world's ultimate whisky education kit. Also the perfect gift for your favorite whisky lover.

Jean Lenoir's latest creation was developed in collaboration with Whisky Master Charles MacLean (The Master of Quaich). Le Nez du Whisky feature's:

  • 54 of the most commonly found aromas in whisky to study and develop your sense of smell and olfactory memory;
  • A beautifully illustrated 144-page book introducing the world's whisky regions, its crafting processes;
  • An index of over 1200 whiskies classified by aroma; a color whisky aroma wheel board;
  • All presented in a luxurious box set.

Management: Marketing

Craft Publishing


All distilled spirits producers in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming are invited to profile their business and products, without charge, in Craft Publishing's forthcoming 2018 Guidebook to Whiskey & Distilled Spirits: Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. The Guidebook is designed to promote the region's distilled spirits industry—with an attractive, full-color layout for effective marketing of the products profiled.

The 200-page, 6"x9" Guidebook is geographically organized, with informative, engaging two-page profiles for each featured producer in the three states. The front section presents insightful essays about the industry and the variety and richness of distilled spirits, food pairings, and other topics.  The appendices include a glossary, industry statistics and indexes for easy identification of producers of specific types of distilled spirits.

The Guidebook will be offered to craft spirits producers at trade rates so that they can profitably sell the publication in their tasting rooms.