Celtic Fest, Frederick, CO, Sept 29, 2018


I am delighted that we’ve been asked to talk whiskey at the second annual Celtic Fest in Frederick, Colorado, on September 29, 2018. Celtic Fest in sponsored by St. Brigit Episcopal Church to benefit its programs for the community in and around Frederick.


St. Brigit's Celtic Fest is designed as an event for the whole family, so come not only to watch, listen, and try Celtic beer, whiskey and food—but perhaps to try your step at dancing, your lungs on a bagpipe, or your skill at a Celtic sport! Meanwhile, your children will be choosing from various craft or gardening activities or meeting St. Brigit and hearing her tales of old Ireland! The festival also has top-rate music, a Celtic Art Show and Competition, and Kirkin' of the Tartans.

Of course, I hope you will join me in tasting several great Irish and Scottish whisk(e)ys. Check out the full schedule and purchase tickets at www.celticfestbrigit.org.

Although St. Brigit is known as the Patron Saint of Beer, I have a suspicion that she would have enjoyed some of today’s great whiskeys from Ireland and Scotland. The whiskeys I have selected for tippling represent the best these two countries have to offer. You will taste the purity of the Scottish Highlands and the peatiness of the Islands, along with the different qualities from Irish and Scottish distilling methods. While these two countries are so close, the flavors and aromas of their whiskeys are quite different.

The event organizers have set up four sessions of 45 minutes each, starting between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm, to give you a time period that fits your schedule. I will be pontificating at each session while you enjoy the fine spirits! I sincerely look forward to meeting you there.