Black Canyon Distillery is Closing!

Just last week, we posted an a article here, On the Whiskey Summit Trail, about Black Canyon Distillery and their Old Blue Bourbon. Unfortunately, that prompted co-owner Susan Lesnick to email me with some really bad news.

She and her husband, Head Distiller Fred Lesnick, have decided to close their distillery. The next shock was their closing date of the 31st of this month of October. Hoping I read Susan’s email incorrectly, I immediately called and talked to Fred. He confirmed the bad news. Susan explained that the business was simply wearing them out, and Fred concurred that circumstances just made leaving the business the right decision for them.


From Fred’s perspective, the best case would be for someone to take over the distillery and continue to produce the excellent spirit products for which Black Canyon has become known. In this scenario, Fred would stay on board to teach the buyer how to continue production of this fine whiskey.

They have thirty-five barrels of whiskey at various stages of maturation. Some of the barrels are pre-purchased, and Fred feels a deep commitment that a barrel management program be continued to ensure the full maturation of this whiskey.

So, if you know someone that would like to get into the distillery business, or possibly a blender who would like to obtain some excellent whiskey in the barrel, please have them call Fred Lesnick at 720-204-1909.

I have in my collection two of the first bottles of Barrel #1 of Old Blue Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey. One of these bottles will remain in my collection and the other is being consumed as I write. Really good stuff! I sincerely hope someone out there will call Fred and work out a deal to keep the distillery going.

I also want to thank Susan and Fred for what they have done for the Colorado distillery industry and for being good friends over the years.

Thanks to all—and keep the wind to your back and a smile on your face.